The following video compilations are edits of the Tribes interviews. 


tribes video stills

Just prior to the video interviews, we ask our subjects to look into the camera for one minute, and we record their expressions. 


Painters, writers, filmmakers, dancers, musicians and more...Creativity comes in many forms. In this video, some of the many artists of tribes talk.

Featuring: Preet, Kip, Jon, Monique, Zack, Greg, Liz, Alicia, Lowell, Masaaki, Omar,  Vija, Emily, Jack, Juliette, Kay, Malgosia & Kent 

experiencing life

Some thoughts on the concept of time, fear, and the richness of the experience of life. 

Anne, Bill, Vija, Rai, Malgosia, Laurence, Rebecca, Bobby, Valeria, Paul & Danielle


These are some thoughts from those who wanted to talk about their relationships.

Malgosia, Jon, Monique, Emily, Benjamin, Sarah J, Rai,       Mike & Alexandra



Here are some of our musicians, their music, and their musings. 

Megan, Mara, Paul, Elena, Boo, David & Jasmine

NYC part 1

Most of the people in this montage moved to New York City to follow their dreams. Here are their stories. 

Kent, Bella, Tilman, Hayley, Zack, Emily, Greg, Jonny, Micaela, Jonathan & Monique

NYC Part 2 - Natives

Our native New Yorkers share a different perspective on the city than the newcomers. 

Featuring: Natascha, Danielle, Paul, Jonathan, David S and Alicia

Nyc Part 3 - An Education

New York City offers an education, whether you seek it or not. 

Jon, Tilman, Jonathan, Jaime, Erika, David, Emily and Evens


In this video, four of our subjects talk about their mothers and grandmothers.

Jack, Micaela, Kent, Rai & Sarah J  

the survivor

Erika speaks on her relationship with pleasure, with violence, and it's connection to sexual assault.


The survivor pt. 2

Evens speaks about the Earthquake that happened in Haiti in 2010 while he was living there. 


a xenophobe's guide to insects

Aaron speaks about his avocation, collecting and showcasing insects and strange creatures. He illustrates how xenophobia is instinctual, but can be combatted through communication.